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We are all born with limitless potential, we all have a place in this world, it is part of our journey to be Radically Curious, Radically Inspired and be Radically Loved.

Your Life is Happening RIGHT NOW

Freemont Bridge- Portland, OR   Your life is happening RIGHT NOW, What would you do today if you knew you only had a week to live? I ask myself this question more often than I would like to admit. It’s a quick way to get back down to planet earth and out of whatever epic drama is unfolding in my… Read more →

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity

As Flu and Cold season begins to rear its ugly head, the rush towards getting a vaccination seems inescapable. Personally, I prefer a more holistic approach. My grandmother would always make my sister and I herbal elixirs to try and aid our symptoms. Since then, I have always chosen healing through herbs and natures medicine. There is a large variety… Read more →

Food For Mindfulness and Meditation

Let’s face it, your brain functions differently on a donut than it does on broccoli. Since the beginning of time, spiritual practices have always been prescribed with specific dietary needs. Prayer, yoga, meditation and all other practices have been shown to have the best results when abiding by specific guidelines.   From Shamans in the Amazon to the Vinaya code… Read more →

There Are Places I’ll Remember All My Life…

  It was definitely bitter sweet getting on the plane to come home yesterday… It was my first time visiting Paris and London and it was everything I imagined it would be. It is difficult for me to articulate the magic of these two cities into words that will fully encapsulate the impression this trip has left on me and… Read more →

“Santosha” and being Content…

Not quite the end of summer, and not quite Fall {I am well aware that I may be in denial}. Lately I have really been inspired by this idea of “Contentment”. In sanskrit the word for this is Santosha. This a guiding principle of the yogic path that most closely translates to our concepts of joy, peace, and contentment. Sounds… Read more →

Summertime Is Quickly Approaching.

It is quickly approaching, My most favorite time of the year, not only because its sunny and epic outside, but because my birthday month is right around the corner. I will be traveling on and off this summer and into the fall, so I’m gearing up for a lot of airplane time, which is very exciting now that I can… Read more →

How Meditation Changed My Life.

Growing up I had to deal with a lot of stressful situations; I was not in the safest or calmest environment. Though loving, I was always confronted with situations where anxiety and stress became the conductors of my life. Unfortunately it would set the tone for my young adulthood. When I was working in L.A. (back when I was in… Read more →

Vegan Peanut Butter + Cocoa Cupcakes

I have to say.. These are a complete ‘le-splurge’ item. I tried my best to make these as healthy as humanly possible. But sometimes.. You must indulge a little bit. That is all.   Ingredients for the frosting:  2 cups of organic powdered sugar 3 Tbsp of vanilla hemp milk {or coconut milk, almond milk, or rice} 1 stick vegan butter… Read more →